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On this page you will find real answers to the most frequently asked questions about how our services work.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Where can I find my access credentials?

    Your access credentials were sent to your email address at the time when you’ve purchased the video.

  • How to access previously purchased content?

    Step 1: Play the video you want to watch.

    Step 2: Wait for the PayWall to appear.

    Step 3: Click on Sign in (or click on the "Login to Continue").

    Step 4: Enter your username and password (Please refer to your email for your correct access credentials, they were sent to you at the time of purchase or at the time of creating your account) and your access rights will be applied and the video will resume playing. 

    *If the "Login to Continue" doesn't appear on the PayWall please press the sign out button in the upper right corner and then the "Login to Continue" will appear and you can enter your access credentials.


  • How to log in in-player?

    Step 1: You can log into a player/video by clicking the 'Login to Continue' link on the initial tariffs screen or the Sign In button on the upper right corner of the player.

    Step 2: Complete the fields with your credentials (check for system emails from if you have forgotten these).

    Step 3: You will then see that you are logged in. A message will appear in the upper right corner “Hello  [your username]”

  • I forgot my password

    When you click on Sign In button, you will be asked to enter your username and password. If you don't remember your access credentials:

    Step 1: Click on ‘Retrieve it now’ link.

    Step 2: Complete the field with your email address.

    Step 3: After you enter your email address in the field, you should be able to see the following message: ‘Instructions sent to your email’

    Step 4: Check your email for a message with your access credentials info.

  • I want to change my password

    Step 1: Go to;

    Step 2: Log In with your access credentials;

    Step 3: Go to the Password Management panel;

    Step 4: Enter your password in the field ‘Old Password’;

    Step 5: Enter your preferred password in the fields: ‘New Password’ and ‘Repeat Password’;

    Step 6: Click Submit.

  • Do I have to pay again to watch the videos on more than one device?

    No, you can use the access credentials sent to you at the time of purchase to access the video content from more than one device.

    *The publisher defines the number of different devices from where you can access the video content. 

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